Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selfless vs. Selfish

It occurred to me that it takes a selfless person to love a selfish person. Nobody else could do it. We see lots of relationships like that where one person loves the other one to distraction, while the other person is looking out mostly for themselves. We even see a classic example of it between a mother and her toddler. The toddler is all about wants and impulses, but the mother would give her life for her child.

From the moment we arrive on this earth till the moment we leave it, we all seek that relationship where we can be loved totally and selflessly. The problem is, there are no totally selfless human beings. Everyone is a little selfish in one respect or another. And how could it not be so with commercials telling us what we DESERVE, and telling us we should have the best of everything, and popular magazines and other media telling us we should have oodles and oodles of self-esteem (the politically correct term for self-centeredness).

The only truly selfless to selfish relationship out there is the one between a human being and God. That is why the cross means so much to me. God took on flesh and died on that cross so that I could live, and so that He and I could have relationship. He loved all of us and each of us that much. It’s too much for our human minds to fully comprehend.

He did it for all mankind but he did it for each of us individually. I choose to take that very personally and I hope you do too. We have a funny little refrigerator magnet that says, “God loves you and I’m trying.” I’m trying to love my neighbor as myself, I’m trying to love God more than myself, and I’m trying to love myself as well (which is no easy task either). I’m so thankful that God doesn’t have to try to love me – He just does – and to me that is EVERYTHING.

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