Monday, August 20, 2012

A Word

Our world as we know it is about to come crashing down. The signs are everywhere. But most, like toddlers, go blithely about their day-to-day pleasures and ignore those signs. I can’t do that. I have read the BOOK and I recognize those signs. They don’t frighten me as they do some people, because I also know the end result and I know Who is holding my hand through this whole situation. But I don’t ignore them or take them lightly either. They compel me to carry out my part in the master plan. It is a small part but it is a required part. I am required to tell people about THE ONE who holds this whole situation in His Hand. What is done with the information then is up to the receiver.

There is not one Word in the BOOK that isn’t true. There is not one prophecy in the BOOK that isn’t going to come true. And the truth of the matter is that all the signs we see are lining up for that final showdown predicted in the BOOK. And it isn’t going to be long now. I want everyone to get the Word and have the opportunity to make the choice because it isn’t looking good for the people that will be left behind when His followers leave this whole scene behind.

I have been studying about this for a very long time and all the evidence I find is compelling but all that aside, I know this is true because I have a relationship with THE ONE. He is my all-in-all. He is more real to me than anyone or anything. I want Him to be real to you, too, if you are reading this.

Please just do this one simple thing: Ask Him if He is real. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Open up the BOOK and that revealing will be all very apparent to you. And then ask Him to come into your heart so you can have a relationship with Him too. I could load this missive up with facts and figures and pleas but the fact of the matter is you have heard it all before. But if you do this one simple thing I ask, none of that will matter because He will make Himself real to you and that will be all the proof you need.

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