Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Have You Got to Lose?

I have been scorned by others for my faith. I thank God that in His mercy I have not been tortured or killed for my beliefs, but if it comes to that I will go through that too. Many people think they are intellectuals and that precludes them from believing in God or having faith. I find that contemplating the non-existence of God is much more difficult to believe than believing that He does exist. I was born knowing He exists. Then, for a while, I listened to others' questions and asked some questions of my own and God helped me find the answers to every one of those questions. All I had to do was ask Him. Now I am in relationship with Him and the idea that He does not exist is laughable to me. Of course He exists, I talk to him constantly all day long and He shows His presence to me over and over and over.

I am hard-pressed to have conversations about this with these "intellectuals" because most of their conversation is "I think," "I heard," "I feel," "I read somewhere," etc. Mostly they don't know enough about what they are talking about to even really have an opinion much less a conviction. I have an advanced degree myself and I am not impressed with that. There are so many, many Masters Degrees and Doctorial Degrees out there that you can get, but none of them make you superior. I don't know anybody who has them all. I am on the higher side of the IQ range. I'm not impressed by that. God created us. His thoughts are so far beyond our thoughts that we are limited in our understanding. The workings of His creation are far more intricate than any technology created by man.

The bottom line is God wants to have a relationship with you. It is His whole reason for creating you. It is your choice whether or not you accept that but it does not make it any less true if you reject it. And you don't have to study for a lifetime to get to the place where you can understand it enough to accept it. You just have to do one simple thing. Ask God to come and live in your heart. You can even say, "God, if you are really there, please reveal yourself to me." And He will. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

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