Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is the essence of who I am

I decided a long time ago that either the Bible is 100% true or it is a waste of time. After much study, it is my considered opinion that it is 100% true. Therefore, I am bound by its precepts and commissions. The entire book is the story of God seeking relationship with the people He created and providing redemption to make it possible after those people failed miserably right out of the starting gate. The one commission given to us as Christians is to witness to everyone else and try to bring as many others along with us as we can.

My impetuosity and Type A personality make me want to just purchase copious amounts of duct tape and drag my family and friends kicking and screaming into eternity with me but unfortunately, God doesn't operate that way and it's not legal for me to use those methods either. So I'm left with persuasion, cajoling and a host of other relatively ineffective methods of bringing them along. Through God's providence, however, I am not required to devise those plans on my own. I just have to be the willing conduit for the Holy Spirit to use. And He loves these people even more than I do.

Even as a very young child my main focus was digging up any and all truth. I wanted to know who, when, where, how etc. And my other focus was soaking up love wherever it was offered. I have pretty much devoted my entire life to both pursuits. Love was pretty hard to find in the human realm but once I tasted the Love of my Heavenly Father, I was in the everlasting arms of El Shaddai -- the God that is more than enough.

Truth is elusive too with so many different voices trying to indoctrinate us into their pet beliefs and ideologies. I don't take anything on face value. I won't build my worldview on 20 minutes of some professor's rant or even some preacher's rant. I want the fact, the truth behind what is being said. I will dig until I find it. Science is much touted but a closer study will find that much of it is theories and ideas, not proven fact. History is purported to tell us all sorts of things, but does that history stand up to scrutiny? I have to know. Even as a very small child it needed to make sense. Some things still don't and I'm still searching. But the one thing that makes perfect sense is that I know Jesus personally and He is my best friend. I have a personal relationship with Him. I am an eyewitness to the extravagant love, protection, provision and peace He has provided to me day in and day out since that relationship was established. Just as the disciples were willing to die rather than say His resurrection wasn't real because they knew, that they knew, that they knew that He had risen from the dead, I am willing to go the distance and not forsake my relationship with Him for any kind of expediency or due to any type of coercion. He is mine and I am His. And that is the sum total of it.

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