Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Everyone Needs Forgiveness and Love

Everyone wants forgiveness. Not grudging words. Not “I forgive you but I cannot forget so stay far away from me.” What is desired is “I forgive you. You are special to me. Let’s move on.”

Everyone wants love --warm, fuzzy, huggy, feel good love that is completely unconditional but still holds you accountable for your part of the relationship. Not love that says I will love you only as long as you don’t disappoint me or only as long as I find you interesting or beautiful, but love that says, “I love you even when you’re crabby, even when you’re not looking your best, even when you’ve hit rock bottom and the only way left is up.”

Everyone has an empty spot in their innermost self that they are constantly trying to fill with something. No matter how hard you try to fill it with stuff or people or ideas, it never feels filled until you choose to fill it with an eternal love, acceptance and forgiveness that only comes from Jesus Christ. It is a relationship with Him, accepting His forgiveness and desiring to please Him above all else that fills that empty spot and fulfills all our innermost desires.

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