Monday, September 13, 2010

Sparkly Pink Fun!

Tyndale has sent me yet another wonderful children’s Bible to review! The Princess Bible is for preschool girls and is such a wonderful, sparkly pink board book!
Each story tells about one of God’s princesses and then relates the story to the Princess the Bible belongs to. For instance, it tells the story of Ruth in simple terms and then it says, “Ruth was God’s princess. She loved Naomi and helped with the work. Ruth loved her husband, too. The family grew—they had a son—and Ruth loved everyone. The next page says, “A princess loves her family.” Then you insert your child’s name into the next two sentences (for instance, if your child’s name is Bree); “Bree is God’s special princess. Bree loves her family.” Each story ends this way with a personal attribute and the fact that the child is God’s special princess.
At the end there is a little story with hand motions that pulls it all together.
My granddaughter loved this book! She was really excited about having herself in the story! I can recommend this book for all your little princesses.

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  1. I will need to look into this one for my granddaughter. She would love it, too. Good review.Thanks.