Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer

I really enjoy reading about the Amish but most of the Amish stories out there are contemporary novels. This one takes place in the 1920s when a group of Amish in Ohio are forced by the local law to send their children to the public schools. As a result, one brave family moves to Mexico to blaze the trail for other families to follow and establish a community there where they can worship freely and educate their children as they wish. Many difficulties accompany the pioneers but their faith is the factor that holds it all together for them. It appears this may be the beginning of a series and, if so, I look forward to further installments.

Dale Cramer is a male author with some Amish ancestry and is a fresh voice in Amish fiction. His research and knowledge add a rich authenticity to his story.

Bethany House offered me this book to review and as always, their array of fiction is wonderful. I am never disappointed by what they send me to review. I wait in anticipation for the next arrivals and my granddaughter waits anxiously for me to finish so she can read them too!

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