Monday, July 17, 2017

Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh


This book had me riveted from about the third chapter on. After that point I just read pretty much non-stop until I was done and then I just sat there stunned wanting more. I don’t recall ever reading something from this author before, but I will certainly read more in the future.

Lane Kelley escaped her small resort hometown of Harbor Pointe, MI when she went to college and she tried very hard to never look back. Bullying, disappointments and hurt feelings stood between her and her family and friends. She locked into her career as a designer in Chicago and work and her dog were her friends. When one of her brothers is injured she is called back home – right in the midst of an important presentation for her company. Although she is anxious to get back to Chicago she gets pulled into the family situation again. Ryan Brooks, a friend from childhood, is dealing with a difficult past himself and trying to make a life in Harbor Pointe. He remembers Lane well and becomes an anchor for her. What transpires after that is fascinating and beautiful. I love the way this author seamlessly weaves in the Christian faith of the characters. This is a don’t miss read!

I received a copy of this book from TYNDALE for the purpose of doing a review and I am so grateful! I would have never discovered this great author otherwise.

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