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Online Version is $44 (as described below)
Hard Copy Judah Bible Curriculum Pack $69 +5.00 p/h

This curriculum contains downloadable materials as follows: 8 lectures; 1 JBC Manual and 1 Notebook Ideas publication. I received this product free of charge for review purposes. Lectures are as follows: The Philosophy -- Why and How; How God Changes Nations; Creation – Flood; Abraham – Malachi; Matthew – Revelation; Methods; Pentecost – Present; and Key Individuals – Joseph. These lectures are for teacher training purposes.

The JBC Manual outlines the course of study. This curriculum can be adapted for the entire family from young Elementary aged kids through the parents or other adults in the home. Each person has their own notebook and the entire Bible is studied over the course of each year by topic. Your Bible is your textbook.

The plan is essentially the 1st half of the year is the Old Testament: ½ quarter on creation (Genesis 1-11), followed by 1 full quarter on Genesis 12 through Ruth (The Plan of Redemption Begins). Next is ½ Quarter on 1 Samuel – Malachi (Kingdom of Israel). The 2nd half of the year is the New Testament: 1 Quarter on the Kingdom of God (Matthew – John) and the 2nd full quarter on the Early Church (Acts through Revelation).

As mentioned before, each student has a notebook. It is filled with the student’s own writings on the subject each day, timelines, maps, and other pertinent things the student found interesting. In the early years it may be drawings, coloring pages or scripture copy work. As the child grows it will be journaling and key thoughts and ideas about the text as well as found resources that enhance the understanding of the subject at hand. As each year unfolds, the material from the year before is reviewed and added to by the new keys for the new grade level. Over a period of time, each student will have developed a valuable Bible Study guide that will benefit them throughout their lives as they continue their study of the Bible and the teacher will have created their own valuable resources as well.

I intend to use this curriculum with my children as well as for my own personal Bible Study. I believe the structure provided makes it very doable to take on the task of studying the Bible and finding out what it really says and how it applies to each individual. I would highly recommend this approach to homeschoolers and individuals.

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Disclaimer: As part of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I was given this a download version of this curriculum free of charge to review. However, I did not receive any compensation. All opinions are my own.

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