Friday, May 15, 2015

Taken by Dee Henderson

Every time I think Dee Henderson has reached the mountaintop in her career she outdoes herself again. I loved this book! There is no immediate danger or violence in this book but the suspense is ongoing. The characters are intriguing and the plot is riveting.

Shannon Bliss was abducted at age 16 and eleven years later she resurfaces outside Matthew Dane's hotel room asking for his assistance in getting back to her life. Matthew's daughter Becky had been through a similar experience and Shannon had read about it in the newspaper and chose him to help her too.

I love the enduring faith of the characters that is just a part of their personalities and who they are. I love that they consulted God when the going got tough. I love that they relied on each other and a set of trusted friends (some were my old friend from previous Dee Henderson books). I love how laid back they were even in times of extreme stress and the simple things that they enjoyed about life. I would love to have friends like these.

This book brought new insight on the difficult transition for people who have been victims of horrible crimes like kidnapping. The PTSD that they deal with is as serious as that of our armed forces. All such victims should be treated with respect and given all the help they need to recover.

I highly recommend this book to all my reading friends.

I received this book from Bethany House in return for a fair and honest review. Confession time, I would have bought it regardless. I can't pass over a Dee Henderson book and wait anxiously for the next one to come down the pike.

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