Saturday, May 23, 2009


Still in this great book from 1911:

"The great provocative of amative desires in woman, next to a wrong quality. and quantity of food, is dress. The constricting of the waist and abdomen by corsets, girdles and waistbands, prevents the return of the venous blood to the heart, and the consequent overloading of the sexual organs, and, as a result. the unnatural excitement of the sexual systern. In the mode of wearing the hair, it is observable that the majority of women, adoring followers of the goddess Fashion, wear the hair in a large, heavy knot on the back part of the head, and when their own is insufficient to make a roll large enough, false hair is added. This great pressure of hair on the small brain produces great heat in the part, and causes an unusual flow of blood to amativeness, and, if persisted in, a chronic inflammation of the organ, and a chronic desire for its sexual exercise.
Closely allied to food and dress, in woman, as a producer of evil thoughts, is idleness and novel-reading. It is almost impossible for a woman to read the current "love-and-murder" literature of the day and have pure thoughts, and when the reading of such literature is associated with idleness-as it almost invariably is-a woman's thoughts and feelings cannot be other than impure and sensual."

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