Monday, February 25, 2013

My Thoughts on the Future

As the daily news gets uglier and bleaker DAILY, it is time to fish or cut bait. So quite plainly, all that is happening is leading up to the Great Tribulation and it appears that it is in our VERY NEAR future. It is what has been building since the day that sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden. Even those who don't believe this realize that something very ominous is happening and either try desperately to push it out of their minds or tremble in fear of the future.

I personally believe in God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I have believed in Him since the day I was born (and maybe before that -- not sure of the theological standing of that idea ;-) ). I cannot remember NOT knowing that God was there and that He cared about me. I didn't always honor him as I should have. I went through a time of questioning and seeking and through all of that, it came back to the simple fact that HE IS! I cannot look at all the intricacies, the brilliant array of shapes and colors and wonder of the natural world without knowing there is a Creator. But beyond that, I have had conversation and fellowship with God all my life and have never, ever been alone because He has been there with me. I cannot even fathom how people can deny His existence.

If you are reading this and you don't have the same personal assurance of His existence or if you do believe He is there, but haven't engaged Him, please just stop and ask Him right now to show Himself to be real to you. If nothing happens then what did you lose? You don't even need to feel foolish if you were all alone when you asked. But I know that He will respond to you because He loves you and wants relationship with you.

Maybe you think you don't want anything to do with God because your experiences with Christians haven't been happy ones. Christians are all human and subject to human weakness, but I would just recommend that you find a different group of Christians and try again. The ones who really walk the walk can become the best friends you ever had.

If you have a Bible, open it and read it. If you don't have one, find one. They aren't hard to come by. I could give you all kinds of scriptures and formulas for becoming a Christian but none of them are a match for the leading of the Holy Spirit or just a genuine desire on your part to find out everything you can for yourself.

And the good news is, those people who have a relationship with the Father are not troubled by the all the impending doom in the news. We know that it all has to happen for the end to come. I personally cannot wait for the Bridegroom to come and all that has been laid out for the future to transpire. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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