Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Invitation to the Supernatural Life by Michele Perry

I feel honored to get to write this review of Michele Perry’s new book, “An Invitation to the Supernatural Life.” I received a copy of this book free of charge from the author for the purpose of reviewing it. I had the privilege of also reviewing her previous book. Michele Perry’s life has been difficult in many ways but she sees only the glorious parts where Jesus sustained her through the rough times. At the present time she is a missionary in the very dangerous rural Sudan. She ministers to over 100 orphans there and they all call her Mama.

This extraordinary book is a call to the reader to draw closer in their walk with Jesus and deepen their relationship with Him. After reading this book I am even more determined to do just that. And I am awestruck at the prospect of where that may lead me. Michele has a very vibrant way of describing these things, but she also has very practical advice on dealing with heavenly beings – demons: don’t give them so much attention. Leave your attention focused on Jesus; angels – look to them for help, converse with them, but do not in any way worship them. And encounters with angels are very real when you are plugged in to the Source. These are not the New Age angels (demons) that are so popular in today’s culture. These are the warrior /helpers Jesus sends to our aid.

There is much more to this book than what I state above. It is an encouragement to live like Enoch who was so close to God that one day he just walked on into Heaven with God. I would very much like to be that close to Him, too. I will leave the rest to you. Don’t miss this book. It will radically change the way you look at yourself and at God.

I would recommend reading Michele’s first book, “Love Has a Face,” and getting familiar with her and her incredible story. It will help you deal with the reality presented in this book. For some it may seem surreal and fantastic but read your owner’s manual (The Bible) and see if these things are not true. Test it against the Truth of the scriptures. And then dare to step out and pursue that closer walk with your Savior.

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